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Anchor, Moderator and Reporter for major television networks. Through his career, George has covered essentially every range of sporting events from Red Bull Extreme Sport, Championship Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Football, Track & Field, to the Wintersports at the Olympics in Turin Italy 2006. Former American Football player and avid sports fan, George brings an all around expertise to commentating and a passion for his work.

 FCB TV News 

Producer, Anchor, Social Media, Interviewer.

As the face of FC Bayern TV International news George helped open up the club to millions of new multinational audiences worldwide.


 Fox Sports 

Anchor, Sideline-Reporter, Interviewer.

George is a specialist for Fox Sports Bundesliga coverage for the english speaking market.

 CNN Sports 

Reporter, Soccer-Analyst.

George is instrumental for UEFA Champions-League coverage and post game analysis. 


Commentator, Sports-Analyst.

His body of work for Eurosport includes NCAA Big-Ten Football, MMA, Athletics, Extreme Sports and Olympic Games.


Commentator, Translator.

In cooperation with WOF (World Of Free Sports)
covering any and everything Extreme.

 ReD bull 

Commentator, Reporter, Event-Host.

Host of F1-Diaries, Cliffdiving, Freestyle-Skiing, Snowboarding and Extreme Sports.

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